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About Frances

Frances Beaty Dreambuilder Coach

As a Certified DreamBuilder Coach, I inspire and empower others to live a life that is in harmony with their highest vision for themselves - the lives that they have always dreamt of living. I particularly enjoy working with Heart-Centred Women, helping them to overcome their doubt and fear so that they have the confidence and purpose to Create and Live the Life and Retirement they Truly LOVE....AND DESERVE!

Working hand in hand with my clients, I help them to create and live a life they truly LOVE living! Lives that are in harmony with their Soul’s purpose. Lives that are also centred around joy and love

My Mission

Using the principles of the proven DreamBuilder success system, to provide, with love, care, and integrity, the heart-centred coaching and support that inspires and guides you to live the life you truly love.

My Story

I was born in Fiji but came to live in London where I raised a family of three boys. I then worked full-time for several years in the retail fashion trade in the heart of London’s West End. During this time, I had the pleasure of meeting and helping people from all over the world. Then came the financial crisis of 2009. The aftermath of this really impacted on me, my family and my work life. Much more was being demanded of me with minimal financial reward. Then for the first time in my life, I also began to have breathing problems. It was a shock when I was eventually diagnosed with asthma in 2013. This forced me to give up my full-time employment.

Frances Beaty - Dreambuilder Coaching

But I knew that Life promised me something more. I had a desire to change my life for the better and began to focus on my own self-development. I learned about the benefits of coaching in order to help myself and better understand my own desires and dreams. And following a period of training with Mary Morrissey, I realised I had built up a real desire and passion. One that was focused on helping people who wanted to change their lives for the better as well.

My Vision

To change lives by being the catalyst that empowers people of all ages and cultures to say “Yes” to a freer, fuller and more expanded version of themselves

Dreambuilder Coaching

The Dreambuilder Coaching Programme, as certified by the Life Mastery Institute, is a proven system that has helped change the lives of thousands of people worldwide for over 30 years. Combining my own extensive work-life experience with the proven life changing training offered by the DreamBuilder Coaching Programme, I am able to help my clients achieve new levels of success, spiritual well-being, and awareness. The Programme focuses on the changes that you would really love to make in four key areas of your life. Relationships, Health, Time and Money Freedom, and your Career and Creative Expression. This proven approach WILL ENABLE you to design and create the life you would truly love to experience


Helping You To Transform Your Dreams Into Reality…

In addition to my Personal Coaching services, I am also able to offer content-rich interactive seminars and workshops. In these workshops, you learn how to define, test, and experience an unambiguous and clear vision of the life you would love to live. One that is clearly aligned with your highest purpose. These workshops are also set up to provide a safe framework for you to “step into” the new life you are imagining for yourself. And having designed your new life, you then gain the confidence to say a resounding “yes” to the new future you have imagined.

To Your Abundant Success

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