Frances Beaty Dreambuilder Coach - Building Confidence

Building Confidence

How can we best define confidence? The best description that I recently came across sums up having confidence as not being afraid to take action. When we want to do something challenging or attempt something new, we tend to feel nervous and apprehensive. This is normal and is a natural human reaction. But the key […]

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Dreambuilder Coaching - Ignite Your Dream

Ignite Your Dream

I know from my own experience that making the positive decision to really “dream big” can feel a bit scary. You start thinking about what you would truly love for our life. But as you let your thoughts soar, you so easily let your doubts and fears limit your imagination and ambition. And, instead of […]

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Dreambuilder Coaching - Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration

There are many famous Albert Einstein quotes and one I want to look at today has a strong connection to the Law of Vibration. It goes something like this: The reason I like this quotation is because it raises a very important question. One that we all need to ask ourselves, as the way we […]

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Test Your Dream

How to Test Your Dream

One of the most important things about a dream or goal is having one in the first place. To achieve anything, you must first create your dream. But it is also important to understand that your dream needs to be one that is right for you. It needs to be one that you recognise and […]

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Listen to your voice of expansion

Follow Your Voice of Expansion

One of the most important strategies for helping you to achieve your dream is deciding which voice to listen to.  Let me explain what I mean. Well, we can either listen to our dream. It is constantly calling us with the voice of expansion and its greatest desire is for us to move forward. It […]

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Write Down Your Goals

Write Down Your Goals

When you think about your dreams, do you physically write down your goals somewhere? Or do you just think about them without making the decision to commit them to paper? Well, did you know that a study by the Dominican University of California revealed this to be an important question? In fact, this study revealed […]

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francesbeatydreambuildercoach - activate abundance

Activate Abundance – 4 Simple Steps

Do you want to know some really Good News? It’s the simple fact that we get to choose what kind of life we are going to live! We can activate abundance! As I have mentioned in a previous post, there is an old saying that goes something like this. “Some lucky people live 90 years […]

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Frances Beaty Dreambuilder Coach -Honour Your Discontent

Honour Your Discontent

We may struggle to understand what our purpose in life is meant to be. Or perhaps we don’t know which way to turn as we feel overwhelmed by too many ideas and dreams. Such feelings of uncertainty, if not addressed, can soon lead to a general sense of discontent and restlessness. But the good news is […]

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Dream Building – the Power Within You

There is an old saying that goes something like this. Some people are lucky enough to live ninety years whilst others end up living the same year ninety times over. The “lucky” person enjoys life to the fullest, actively engaged in dream building.  This is in sharp contrast to the second individual whose ambitions and […]

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