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Group Coaching

Success, as with most things in life, requires dedication and hard work. There are no short cuts. But use the right resources and tools, and it is possible to achieve your goals, fulfil your dreams and accelerate your success more quickly than if you tried to implement changes all on your own. And the most effective way to accelerate your success is through Group Coaching.

A coach will help to bring your intentions to life and work with you to transform these intentions into achievable goals. Coaching will also provide the necessary motivation and transformational tools to help you turn your goals into reality.

The Benefits of Group Coaching

What are the benefits of Group Coaching. Firstly, manfrancesbeatydreambuildercoach - group coachingy clients, Group Coaching offers many attractive benefits. And they prefer the group coaching environment as it involves learning together with other like-minded people. Group sessions offer everyone the opportunity to share and contribute, thus creating a very effective peer learning process.

Secondly, there is more time for sharing and reflection is provided in a group situation which more reserved clients can find very helpful. And the dynamics of a group often allows the generation of a raised level of combined wisdom and understanding. Which is something that a number of clients often cite as a major advantage. And, depending on the scope of the program, Group Coaching generally attracts lower participant cost than its one-on-one coaching equivalent.

Group Coaching Programs

As a DreamBuilder Coach, I am able to offer a variety of carefully mapped out coaching programs. Whatever your preference, each coaching scenario will be carefully planned. And the curriculum content of each coaching program will be aligned to deliver maximum effectiveness in core topics such as:

  • Amplifying your vision;
  • Determining what matters most;
  • Understanding elements of effective goal achieving (which are often missing or misunderstood);
  • Breaking free from our self- limiting and self-sabotage beliefs delivering accelerated results;
  • Developing authentic confidence;
  • Developing strategies for overcoming fear, doubt, and worry;
  • Activating your best resources, and;
  • The effective use of your current conditions as levers for achieving your goal;

So please do get in touch if you would like to discuss any particular Group Coaching requirements for your group or organisation. Or would like to enquire about joining a group session.

To Your Success

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