Vision Workshop | The Dynamic Coaching Format for You and Your Dream

Vision Workshop

As a Certified DreamBuilder Coach, I am able to offer coaching workshops to small groups or larger audiences. The format of my Vision Workshop can be tailored for both half-day or full day sessions. I can also deliver customized workshops and seminars to meet the specific training, self-development or training needs of groups, organizations, and companies.

Three Key Questions

The Vision Workshop is a dynamic coaching format specifically designed to help you harness your life’s purpose. And to reveal how to achieve the prosperity you deserve!

Henry David Thoreau, the American essayist, poet, philosopher, and abolitionist, wrote a famous essay in 1853 entitled “Walden.” In this essay, Thoreau placed a hidden code for achieving prosperity. And the Vision Workshop will guide you to understand how to unlock this code.

The Workshop will consider and answer the following 3 key Questions. vision workshopThese questions will help you to accelerate your success and results:

  1. What is my true dream or purpose?
  2. How can I eliminate doubt, fear and worry to enable me to move toward towards my dream with confidence?
  3. How can I achieve increased prosperity without compromising my highest values and beliefs?

I am able to structure the length of Vision Workshop to meet your specific requirements. It can be a short talk, a lunchtime training session, a motivating keynote speech, or a half-day or full-day workshop.

What Your Will Learn In The Vision Workshop

During the Vision Workshop you will learn:

  • How to apply effective strategies to guard your mind against doubt, fear, and worry;
  • The 2 indispensable things you can do to help you tune into your life’s purpose;
  • What the rich and prosperous do for creating continued success;
  • The proven system for overcoming your natural resistance to becoming prosperous (this is key for helping you so you attract higher levels of abundance and success);
  • The key reason why people can lose momentum when reaching for their dream;
  • How to stay motivated and focused when you feel yourself losing momentum;
  • The 5 step test to help you understand if you are focusing on the right dream for you and your life;
  • The one critical thing you must stop doing in order for you to achieve your dream.

And so much more!

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