How to Test Your Dream | 5 Key Questions You Should Ask of Your Dream.
Test Your Dream

How to Test Your Dream

One of the most important things about a dream or goal is having one in the first place. To achieve anything, you must first create your dream. But it is also important to understand that your dream needs to be one that is right for you. It needs to be one that you recognise and accept as being worthwhile. One that is aligned with your true purpose in life. If it is not a good fit, then, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to fully manifest it into a reality. But how can you best determine if your dream is the right one for you? Well, it is by asking the right questions. And to help you determine if your dream is worthy of you, here are the five key questions you need to ask to test your dream.

Test Your Dream – does it give my Life?

As explained in one of my earlier blog posts, we all get a choice. We can either choose to live a life of design, one that we create. Or we can choose to live a life of default, one that is based on our old habits and thoughts. True Dream Building can only begin when we create a life of design. And we begin by asking ourselves, “If I could live the life I really love, what would that life be?”

We all live in a spiritual universe, one that is material in its expression. So our Dream starts with a blueprint that we shape in our mind. And as we create and shape our Dream, and hold it in our mind, we begin to build that Dream into the very structure of our life. But as we create our Dream, the very first question we need to ask to test our dream is this. “Is this dream worthy of me and does it give me life?”

You will instinctively know when you have chosen the right dream as you will feel emotionally connected to it.  Thinking about your dream will give you an expanded sense of aliveness.

Is it aligned with my core values?

You now have an idea of where you would love your life to go, and you have tested your dream with the first question, “Does it give me life?”

If the answer to the first question is “Yes”, you now need to move on to the next question. No wind is favorable to the sailor who has no destination in mind, who doesn’t know how to set the sail or turn the rudder. So as you think of your dream, you need ask yourself Question number two. “Does that idea or dream align with my core values?”

To help answer this important question, you need to be aware of the core values for your own life by asking yourself what matters most to you? And if you get a “no”, when you ask whether your dream aligns with your core values, don’t worry, “No” simply means that there is a bigger and better dream trying to make itself known to you.

Does my Dream cause me to grow?

Your focus should be on personal growth. Your thoughts become things and we are testing our new ideas to see if they are life-giving. And whether they are ones that will put you in greater harmony with your own soul’s nature. So if you have answered “Yes” to the first two questions, then you are now ready to move on to the next question. And the next question to ask is, “Does this dream give me the capability to grow? By building this dream, am I going to discover more of who I am?” All of life is about growth. In the Talmud, it says leaning over every blade of grass is an angel whispering to it encourage it to grow, grow, grow.

Do I need help from a Higher Power?

Question No. 4 focuses on the importance of accepting support. Your thoughts are a blueprint for how the universal spirit moves through you to move into the experiences you call the conditions of your life.

You are a co-creator with this infinite power. So it is only natural to look for support from it and that is the basis of the next question to ask about your dream. When thinking of your dream, the next question to ask is, “Do I need help from a higher power to make this dream possible?” You don’t want or need to know everything ahead of time. A dream is a life that’s bigger than what you know today. As you grow, your dream should require that you tap into that part of you that is connected to the infinite spirit of life.

Remember, if your thinking has an absence of an intelligent design, then your thinking will just go to the default pattern. And as a result, you can only ever live a life of default, one that is based on your existing habits and thoughts.

Does my dream have some good in it for others?

To test your dream you have been asking yourself these questions. “Does it give me life? Does it align with my core values? Will it require that I grow? Do I need help from a higher power?”

If the answer to all of these questions is “Yes”, then you can move to the last question you need to ask. The last question you need to ask to test your dream to see if it is worthy of your life is this.  “Is there some good in this dream for others?”

The universe is interested in your expansion and your expression of fuller life. But not just for you, it is interested for everyone else as well. When you get a “Yes to this final question, then you can be reassured that your dream is worthwhile and right for you. It is your life calling you!

So in closing, here are the five questions you need to ask yourself to test your dream:

  1. Does it align with my core values?
  2. Does it give me life?
  3. Is it going to cause me to grow?
  4. Do I need help from a higher power?
  5. Is there some good in this dream for others?

Your mind may play host to variety of desires and wishes. But as you ask these questions, you will be endowed with the power to really test your dream. They will help you to distinguish your deepest and true desire and reveal the dream that is closest to your heart. Finally, they will lead you on a path that will enable you to manifest the dream that is really right for you.

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