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Ignite Your Dream

I know from my own experience that making the positive decision to really “dream big” can feel a bit scary. You start thinking about what you would truly love for our life. But as you let your thoughts soar, you so easily let your doubts and fears limit your imagination and ambition. And, instead of getting motivated to ignite your dream, you end up feeling stuck.

But if we really do want to live a life that we truly love, we need to recognise that “Dreaming Big” is important. It is the one sure and positive exercise that will really help us achieve our Dream. So, how best to overcome the doubts and fears and give ourselves permission to let our thoughts fly? And build a dream that is worthy of us and beyond our current reality? Well, here are three simple steps that will help you ignite your dream.

Step 1 – Honour your discontent.

When we have discontent in our lives, we need to recognise that this is an important signal that the universe is sending us. A signal that is telling us that our lives are intended for something bigger.

And when you start to experience feelings of discontent and restlessness, the worst thing you can do is to ignore or shut down such feelings. If you do you will become numb to the idea of creating something more meaningful and fulfilling for your life. And will generate the habit of settling for mediocrity. So don’t try to ignore your discontent or see it a sign of failure. Instead, start to Honour Your Discontent. Give yourself permission to start exploring what your discontent is really telling you about your life.  The truth is that your discontent is wanting to guide you towards a more meaningful life. And whilst, initially, you may not be sure of the direction your discontent is pulling you, it is only by noticing your discontent that you can start the process of discovering what your deepest desires for your life truly are.

So be bold and start to harness the real power of your discontent. Let the dreams and desires it reveals begin to live as actual real possibilities in your heart and mind. And then begin to notice how these desires and dreams are impacting on your emotions and feelings. If your experiencing a heightened sense of awareness and aliveness, then this is a sure sign that you are on the right track.

Step 2 – Stop letting your past limit your possible future

If we keep repeating what we have always done, we shouldn’t be surprised when we keep getting the same results. So as you start to explore your dream and start to hear that same little voice telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t be taking such a risk, just pause for a moment. Start to acknowledge that the disappointments and negative experiences that this internal chatter is bringing to your attention are only of relevance to your past. And now is the time to shrug them off.

Start to recognise and believe that your past does not determine your future. All your past regrets and disappointments belong to a time that is now ending.  And to help you keep the experiences of the past in their rightful place (i.e. in the past), start claiming this Affirmation as you own:

“Up until now that may have been true for me, but not any longer.”

Why is this Affirmation so important? Well, the only way to change a behaviour or pattern of thought is through what we consciously confirm to ourselves. So when we start to say, “Up until now….” we stop confirming our past limitations and mistakes. Instead, we start to affirm the dreams and desires that we deliberately choose for our lives.

Step 3 – Recognise that you are a Co-Creator

You can only build the greatest and most fulfilling life you can live by recognizing that you are working as a co-creator with the Universe.

Firstly, build on steps 1 and 2 and open yourself up to the conviction and belief that you have the power and ability to achieve your dream

Secondly, acknowledge that you can’t do it all on your own by opening yourself up to the support and help that resonates with you and your dream. Do this by seeking out the tools and training that speak to your Soul. These will be the thoughts, ideas, teaching and people that uplift you and move you forward towards your dream. Get in the habit of asking the Universe to bring you the support and assistance you need. Don’t worry about the “How”. Just stay open and be receptive to the different ways your requested support may reveal itself to you. It may be a book, a friend, a mentor or coach or inspired idea. Things will come to you just when they are needed.

So begin each new day in an attitude of thankfulness and concentrate on things that you previously believed were out of reach.  Just for that day, act as if what you really wanted for your life was possible.  And that you will be given the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to achieve it. And then be amazed at what transpires as you start to ignite your dream.

Here’s to your ABUNDANT SUCCESS!

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