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Law of Vibration

There are many famous Albert Einstein quotes and one I want to look at today has a strong connection to the Law of Vibration. It goes something like this:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile Universe.”

Albert Einstein

The reason I like this quotation is because it raises a very important question. One that we all need to ask ourselves, as the way we answer it, will reflect the type of life we have. Basically, the question is this – “What conclusion have I come to about the Universe I live in? Do I believe that the Universe is working for me? Or do I believe that it is working against me and everything I strive for in life?”

It is important to recognise that the frequency of our thoughts about the Universe will determine the type of life we are going to have. So I hope that you will see that is vital that we keep our thoughts aligned, from a vibrational perspective, with the life that we really want and desire for ourselves.

We live in a Generous Universe

The truth is that we do actually live in a giving and generous Universe. And it does work for each and every one of us. But it only works in accordance with the Law of Vibration. It responds to the vibration we send out.

What do I mean when I say that it responds to our vibration? Well, we may wish or hope for something but if our emotions and feelings about the achievement of that wish are ones of fear and doubt, then the Universe can only respond to our fear and doubt. The Universe can only work in accordance with the vibration we send out. So it is important to recognise that we must always strive to have feelings and emotions that create a positive vibration that is in harmony with our wish or dream. We need to fall in love with our wish or dream so that our very being resonates with what we truly want. It is only by “falling in love” with what we want that our feelings, thoughts, and actions become aligned and start operating together on the same frequency.

The Law of Vibration – how the Universe really works

When our sub-subconscious mind, or emotional mind, reflects a different belief system to the one that we wish for, our sub-conscious beliefs will always come out on top. That’s because they are so much stronger than our desires and wishes. So if you have been thinking about starting a new business or buying your dream home, nothing will happen if the voice in your head keeps on saying, “We can’t afford it. Where will I get the money? You know it doesn’t grow on trees.”

So where does that voice of doubt and negativity come from? Why do we so often believe that it is impossible for us to achieve our dream of starting a business or buying that dream house? The truth is, we have all been conditioned from birth to believe that the Universe operates differently from what the Law of Vibration teaches us. The way we have been taught to think results in us moving AWAY from the very things that we really want for our lives. Unfortunately, we have all been conditioned this way. And even today, children continue to receive the same conditioning from their teachers in school and from their parents.

But the good news is that it is possible for us to learn a new way. A way that is guaranteed to bring us what we truly want. That’s because it follows the Law of Vibration.

5 Ways to Raise Your Level of Vibration

The first step you can take is to start the practice of paying attention to how you are feeling. When you notice that you feel low within yourself or something negative is happening in your life, be present to that feeling. Acknowledge it. And decide to do something about it and start to raise your level of vibration. Here are 5 suggestions to help you get started with this new way of thinking:

  1. Start a Gratitude List. Write down 10 things you are grateful for in your life and spend 5 minutes really thinking about them so that you can feel the gratitude build up from within;
  2. Make time to listen to music more;
  3. Get outside more and spend time walking in places where you can notice and appreciate nature more;
  4. Decide that there is beauty around. Find it and appreciate it more;
  5. Start sending love to at least three people who are causing you aggravation or are bothering you in some way.

As you practice these suggestions you start becoming a person of increase. You are now paying more attention to, and consciously raising, your level vibration. As a result, you become someone who can now start to makes a difference to how you are feeling. You start to become aligned with the Law of Vibration and the positive feelings you start generating are a great way of attracting more good into your life.

The proof of the Law of Vibration will be evident in your results

The Law of Vibration operates all the time. Whether we are paying attention to it or not. My principle reasons for writing this post today is help increase awareness of this law. And to help you think how we can better live in harmony with it.

But we have to recognise it isn’t easy to undo a lifetime of traditional conditioning. It’s SIMPLE to do but NOT EASY to do!

You can make a start by doing the things to reverse you programming (such as the 5 suggestions above). And start Writing down your Goals and Testing Your Dream. But as you do these things, will then hear your subconscious mind telling you that what the opposite. That you want is not achievable, is too difficult or is too costly.

And when that happens, as it will inevitably will, here is a great suggestion. One that will really help you deal with those negative thoughts effectively. Just keep telling them that you will deal with them later. And keep on telling them that you will deal with them later…later…later… When you do this you will soon find that your negative thoughts and doubts will start to diminish. Eventually, “Later” will be simply become “Never”. Why? Because by changing your viewpoint and bringing your focus on these new ideas, you will be better able to look at what is possible. And you will then start to experience better results in your life. And these better results will, in turn, prove the truth of the Law of Vibration and the new ideas that you are learning.

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