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Listen to your voice of expansion

Follow Your Voice of Expansion

One of the most important strategies for helping you to achieve your dream is deciding which voice to listen to.  Let me explain what I mean. Well, we can either listen to our dream. It is constantly calling us with the voice of expansion and its greatest desire is for us to move forward. It wants you to move towards the vision you hold for your life and is saying:

I can do it….

I choose to….

I will….

Or, we can listen to the voice of contraction. This is the voice of doubt and fear that wants us to stay where we are. And it is a voice that we often hear telling us that:

I can’t do it….

I don’t know what to do….

I won’t be able….

Which Voice Will You Listen To?

So if you want to achieve your dream, you need to decide which of these voices you will listen to. There is an old Cherokee legend which illustrates this idea very clearly and which goes something like this.

One night, an old Cherokee chief was sitting in his tepee with his grandson at his side. Voice of expansion - The Wolf You FeedHe turned to him and started to tell him a story. The old chief looked at his grandson and said: “My child, this story is about a battle that goes on between two powerful wolves that live inside every one of us – from the youngest to the oldest.

The first wolf is evil. It is a wolf that is always angry. It is envious, greedy, dishonest, jealous, regretful, arrogant, regretful and full of self-pity.

The other wolf is good. It is honest, loving, faithful and peaceful. It is also full of hope, honesty, generosity, kindness, and compassion.

The boy sits there thinking and after a while, he turns to his grandfather and asks. “Which one wins?”

The old chief looks down at his grandson and replies “The wolf that wins the battle is the one you feed”

Follow Your Voice of Expansion

The moral of this legend is that our energy will flow to where we let our attention go. But we know from our own experience, that we may often encounter feelings of being stuck. It is a common feeling. On the one hand, part of you wants to move forward to the fuller and freer version of yourself. It is often the voice of expansion calling you in the form of your discontent.

While on the other hand, there is the part of you that wants things to stay the way they are. It is the part that dislikes change and the uncertainty that change brings. It is so easy to say to ourselves, “I’ll apply for that job tomorrow”. But when tomorrow comes, we make some excuse. We hear a little voice telling us that our application won’t stand a chance so we let the chance go. We so easily seduce ourselves into thinking that our current life is good, forgetting that “Good” is the enemy of “Great”.

As a result, we are all faced with two choices:

1. We can choose to listen to the voice of expansion that is calling us to confidently follow our dream. We can then experience all the great things our dream has in store for us.


2. We can choose to listen to the voice of contraction and opt to stay the same, where everything feels comfortable.  We never unlock our true potential and we let our dream fade away.

Decide Today

But we also need to remember that our choice needs to be made in the moment. So we should not wait tomorrow, next month or next year. Our decision has to be made right now.

So decide today which of the wolves you want to feed in your own life. Choose to feed the Good Wolf – the Voice of Expansion. Remember, this is the voice of your dream calling you to move forward to your fuller and expanded version of yourself.

And if your decision is to choose the voice of expansion that is calling you to achieve your dream, remember that you don’t have to do this on your own. Seek out a qualified mentor that can guide you and, most importantly, also support you during those key moments when your doubt s start creeping in.

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