Write Down Your Goals | Learn Why This Is Critical To Your Success
Write Down Your Goals

Write Down Your Goals

When you think about your dreams, do you physically write down your goals somewhere? Or do you just think about them without making the decision to commit them to paper?

Well, did you know that a study by the Dominican University of California revealed this to be an important question? In fact, this study revealed that your answer will be a major factor in helping you to achieve your goals.

Achieve Better Outcomes

The Dominican University Study was focused on the science and art of goal setting. It was undertaken by a psychology professor at the University, Dr. Gail Matthews, who worked with 267 study participants. The men and women in the study ranged in age from 23 to 72 and were from around the world. They included entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, healthcare professionals, educators, artists, marketers, and human services providers.

Dr. Matthews divided the study participants into different groups. Those who didn’t write down their dreams and goals, and those who did.  What she discovered was that those who regularly wrote down their goals achieved better outcomes for the dreams. In fact, the results of her study revealed that you are over 40% more likely to achieve your dreams and goals if you regularly write them down.

And the study also showed that accountability had a very positive effect. The probability of you transforming your dreams into reality further increases when you also communicate your written goals with others.

Why is there such a profound impact when you write down your goals?

So, when you write down your goals, why does this simple act have such a positive effect on our success? As with many things, the answer lies in the way our brain works. Our brains have a left side (Logic) and a right side (Imagination) which are connected by the corpus callosum. This is a wide bundle of neural fibres which carry the electrical signals between the brain’s two hemispheres.

These electrical signals are then transmitted to the spinal column and communicated to every cell in our body. They create the very consciousness that operates within each of us to enable us to transform our dreams into reality.

If we just think about our dreams and goals, we only use the imaginative centre of our brain, the right side. But, when we think about something we really desire, and combine that thought with a written action, we also tap into the power of our logic-based left hemisphere. This engages our whole brain. And the resulting electrical messages we transmit to our consciousness through the corpus callosum, convey a very strong signal that tells us that we really do want this particular desire. And that we really mean it too!

When we combine our thinking with the act of writing, we are able to open our levels of consciousness within us. As a result, we are better able to see, grasp and achieve opportunities that risk being overlooked when we are just centred on thinking alone.

Complete your own experiment for success!

If we keep on breathing for another 12 months, we WILL create results in our life. They could be results of abundance or results of scarcity and struggle and will be dependent on both our thoughts and actions over that period. We all have a choice. We can choose to of take the steps we need to create the results we desire, or we can continue with what we have been doing and get a repeat of the same results

So I would like to invite you to complete your own experiment for success

For the next 7 days, start your day each morning by thinking about your dream. Then as you think, write down your goals for each of the following key areas of your life:

1.    Love & relationships

2.    Vocation

3.    Health & relationships

4.    Time & money freedom

But the important thing to remember in this experiment is not to focus on what you THINK you can achieve. Don’t focus on what seems definitely “doable” given your present circumstances, Instead, concentrate on what you would truly LOVE to achieve for your life. Pay no attention to how big or how seemingly “unachievable” it may appear to you right now. Just really focus on your true desire for yourself and your life.

Your experiment will create two powerful results

This experiment may seem to be simplistic but it will have powerful results in two key areas.

The FIRST thing that you will get is a new level of clarity around your goals and dreams. As we mentioned above, when you write down your goals you get greater clarity. And this clarity is then communicated by both hemispheres of the brain to your sub-conscious. It gets the message loud and clear that you mean business and that your dream really matters to you!

The SECOND thing that will happen is that this experiment will sharpen your focus throughout your day. You will become more aware of the opportunities and possibilities around you. These are the ones that often can’t be seen or noticed when your thinking is not really focused on what you want.

Ultimately, these two powerful results will help to guide you away from situations and people that do not serve your dream. And, in turn, they will open up new opportunities to help you create the life you love. A life of greater abundance, happiness, joy, and fulfilment!

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, most people do not harness the power of their dreams as they lack the awareness to reinforce their thoughts with written goal statements. As a result, they fail to spot and recognise the signals that the Universe is sending them each day. And so they risk missing out on the wonderful opportunities that are out there waiting for them.

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